It has been some time since I posted about updates to the Your Leitrim Ancestors site but now, in July 2023, at last there are a few changes to report on.


The point has been reached where it is unlikely that any new people will be added to either the underlying database or to the website in the foreseeable future. The past few months have been mostly spent in tidying up existing records and collating data for eventual further publication.

The database contains over 21,400 people; with over 400 of these alive or possibly still alive and thus excluded deliberately from the site, there are now 21,000 people on the online records. A summary by Parish can be found at Numbers.

I have long felt that some maps showing townlands within the scope parishes should be added to the site and these are now present. Arising from the new maps section, some small layout changes to the menus have been made.

I must also mention that a long-overdue Acknowledgement section has been added.


New and amended people records

This update sees the following:

As always there is a listing of excluded people though this hasn’t been added to in this updated (People Excluded)


New maps feature

A new section – Geography– has been added to the site and appears on the top menu. It consists of a number of maps and two lists of codes.

These crudely drawn but basically accurate maps are intended to help understand the locations of places, and thus indicate potential family links between residences of neighbouring townlands. There is a map for each in-scope parish. There are also more focussed outline maps, one for each townland showing it and some of its adjacent townlands. For more on this see Relevance.


New Acknowledgement page

Over the years many people have contacted me with corrections, comments and new information; all of which have ended up on this site. I have now added an Acknowledgements page to thank them – while realising that unfortunately I have probably omitted some contributors to whom I can only apologise.


Layout changes

In order to accommodate the new Geography section on the main menu, there are some menu changes on the site. The main one is that the section on Cloonmorris Cemetery is no longer on the main Top Menu and has been moved to a new Writings section that will be found on the Side Menu. The hope is that in time some more topics will be added to this section.



As the process of finalising data for further analysis and publications continues there will probably be some changes to the information shown on the people currently on the site, but it is unlikely that any further names will be added. Some changes to the menus may also be made in the future as the site content is likely to be fairly stable. The Writings section may expand should I choose to add some small articles based on other studies.