Detailed Report

Please note that this detailed report will contain only the information I have already gathered; the offer to produce it is not an offer to conduct any research.

Sample Journal Report shows a sample of a Detailed Report. Say for instance that the request was into Thomas Ahern who was born around 1845 and died in 1931. The report supplied will start with his earliest known ancestor of the Ahern line - another Thomas, and shows what I have gathered on this older Thomas and on his wife Mary Mulligan. It then goes on to deal with the original Thomas and his wife Agnes Fox, and then goes on to detail what I know of the descendants of this Thomas and Agnes.

Sources are cited for each stated fact. In most cases, only the source is cited and images of it are not shown. This is to avoid any copyright complications - e.g. the National Library of Ireland claims copyright on the parish registers, while other repositories have various copyright restrictions in place. In addition, except for people of direct interest to me - that is connected in some way to my own personal family research - I have not attempted to capture images as the scope of research would otherwise be overwhelming. When producing a detailed report, if I am have an image and am confident it can be included without copyright implications, and if it seems likely to add to the value of the report, I will include it.

It is important to stress that while some enquires will provide as much information as can be seen on the Sample, and in some cases even more, many others will provide less. Using the Individual details that can be seen on this site you can judge how many generations of a person's family line have been covered - and where the outline information is sparse the likelihood is that the details will be sparse as well.