People Included

Origins of this Website provides an account of how this collection came about.

Let us start by saying that Living People are not included in this online collection. In this context Living also includes those who are not known to be dead. Persons born after 1920 are not included unless they are known to be dead. See note below regarding Living People.

The geographical scope of the project is broadly defined as the people born within the boundaries of the Catholic Parishes of Annaduff, Aghavas, Bornacoola, Cloone, Gortletteragh, and Mohill. Some few from the parishes of Fenagh, Drumreilly, Kiltoghert and Kiltrubrid also appear. As about 90% of the population of Leitrim is Roman Catholic it follows that the vast majority of people included are of Catholic origin. The percentage of Catholics in this collection is even higher, as the basis for inclusion in my research was some sort of loose connection to my family lines, all of which were also Catholic. But there are non-Catholics in the collection, provided they originated within the geographical scope outlined. See Places for a map showing the parish boundaries.

People who were born within the in-scope areas but who married and moved outside will not have the same volume of data gathered on them as those who remained within the in-scope areas.

The standard check for all families includes searching for all children but, except for families who are of direct interest to me or into whom I have conducted detailed research, a cut-off point of 1920 has been applied as no birth details after that year are currently available online. See Births from GRO Records. Only if a death or marriage record identifies somebody who was born after 1920 will that person appear, and in such cases an estimated year of birth is given.

With regard to people who migrated from Co Leitrim, then except for those who have close links to my own family lines, or those who are included because of research conducted for clients, no effort has been made to gather details on them after their departure. For these people, marriage and death details are generally not known.


Living People and People not known to be dead

About 90% of all the people on my records are said to be dead: either through evidence of their deaths or else by stating that any person born before 1915 is dead. The remaining 10% or so are or will be presented for inclusion on the website but are then filtered out so that they cannot be accessed. This has implications for anyone using the database whose only known relatives in Leitrim were born after 1915 (or thereabouts) and whose deaths are not known to me.

Therefore I suggest that if you do not see somebody on the website that you think should be there, you could try some or all of the following:

  • Check the listing of People Excluded which lists by name those not to be found online
  • If you know any of their parents or siblings search for them (Surname Index, or Master Index, or the Search option)
  • If you know their townland of origin, search for it (Places Index)
  • If all you have is a name, and if the surname is one that appears on the Surname Index, why not email me at so that I can check to see if I have your relative but he or she is excluded from the online site as I do not know him or her to be dead