Services Offered

From 2008 to 2023 I offered a full research service into Irish ancestry. I am presently engaged in various activities aimed towards publication of books and/or articles relating to aspects of South County Leitrim genealogy study. Therefore at present I am not willing to take on research commissions.

To purchase a copy of my book, see Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors. The book covers all aspects of research into Co Leitrim origins from all parts of the county.

This rest of this page deals with the services offered relating to the data in this online collection and this focusses on people from the south of the county, especially from the areas of Bornacoola, Gortletteragh, Annaduff and Mohill - see Places for more detail.


ENQUIRY Don't see anyone you're looking for? As as July 2023 the underlying database is considered complete - that is there is no intention of adding any significant numbers of people. It does however contain a number of people who are or may be alive and as such are excluded from this website. So if your ancestors come from the areas covered (see Places) then email tom@yourleitrimancestors with the name and outline details. I can check if I have them on the database or if they are on the website but hard to find.
DETAILED REPORT Originally I offered to provide, for a small fee, a detailed report on any person of interest found on the database, including details of his or her direct line ancestors and his or her descendants. This is now offered at no cost. See Detailed Report for more. Please note that this detailed report will contain only the information I have gathered; the offer to produce it is not an offer to conduct any research.