For the vast majority of people shown on this site, I have gathered the data using available online sources, either free such as the Census sites, or subscription such as Ancestry, Find My Past. For some the scope of search has been broadened to include non-digital/online sources, such as The Valuation Office. For a relatively small number I am grateful for the input of others.

Over the years I have received various updates, corrections and additions to existing information from many people. The list below shows the names of all those whose input I've captured. There are probably many more who should appear and don't, and to these I apologise for poor record keeping.

So to all those listed below, and all others who have contributed to the creation of my database and website - my sincere thanks. 

Allen, Mary; Beirne, Margaret; Blair, Fiona; Bohan, Sean; Brennan, Clare; Brophy, Tricia; Cassidy, Brid; Cassidy, Tom; Clare, Kathy; Clarkin, John; Coleman, Tami; Condon, Mary; Condron, Eileen; Cooper, Peter; Darcy, Philomena; Dennigan, Nigel; Dolan, Pattie; Dunne, Nancy; Elias, Karen; Ellis, Michael P; Farrell, Ruth; Fee, John; Fisher, Margaret; Fuchs, Maureen; Gatins, Tim; Glancy, Jim; Green, Catherine; Guckian, Des; Halligan, Peter; Hennebery, Janet; Keville, Denise; Kilkenny, Charles; Kilrane, Gerry; Kooijmans, Peter; Lennon, Pamela; McAlister, Mary; McFadden, Maureen; McGovern, Andy; McGowan, Jody; McGuire, Anne; McHugh, Mary; McTernan, Kenneth; McWade, Dave; Milton, Michael; Moran, Teresa; Mulqueeney, Steve; O'Flanagan, Michael J; O'Neill, Trudy; Perryman, Elaine; Pistritto, Annie; Pryor, Marianne; Reynolds Condon, Mary; Reynolds, Carmel; Saunders, Mary; Schlegal, Donald; Shaw, Angela; Stewart, Ed; Stuart, Bob; Sweeney, Noeleen; Trombly, Ann; Ward, Kathy.


Tom Coughlan