Cloonmorris Cemetery, Bornacoola

An Outline History of the Graveyard and Transcriptions from the Old Section


Cloonmorris is the Catholic Graveyard serving the parish of Bornacoola.  In 2008 and 2009, I engaged in a project on it in order to write a mini-thesis to obtain the National University of Ireland's Diploma in Genealogy and Family History. Following attainment of the Diploma in 2009 I submitted a full copy of the mini-thesis to Leitrim County Library where it has been freely accessible since.

The original document included a history of the graveyard, some detailed case studies of people interred there, an illustration section, transcriptions of most of the memorials from the old section of the graveyard, and some analysis of these.

In more recent years the website has included Cloonmorris in its catalogue of graveyards.This study includes all of the cemetery and includes photos of memorials and simple transcriptions of them.


On this Site

The mini-thesis of 2009 is a very large document and would use up all of the space this site has alloted by its Host. Therefore a cutdown version is being made freely available here. Its contents are: Cloonmorris In Context; A History Of Cloonmorris Graveyard; Memorials Of Cloonmorris – An Overview; Appendix 1 – Transcribed Memorials; Appendix 2 - Alphabetical Listing Of Those Transcribed; Appendix 3 - Interred Not Transcribed; Appendix 4 – Surname Summary; Appendix 5 – Some Early Births And Deaths.

Apart from removing some content the document is otherwise as originally produced. Because of the removal of content, some references in the text point to sections that are not in this online version.

As stated no other changes have been made. During my ongoing research into South Leitrim families I have found some errors of transcription in my original document. In addition, I have also found that some dates on memorials do not tally with dates quoted on death registers. Both these concerns should be noted when reading the memorial transcriptions in Appendix 1. I would suggest that in addition to reading the content of this site, the reader should consult Irishgraveyards and also, provided the death date is between 1864 and 1968,

The content in the earlier chapters shown is, however, still valid to my knowledge, and hopefully will prove to be of interest to people with connections to Bornacoola.

To access the content, click cloonmorris.pdf. You will need to use your brower's BACK button to return to this site. To see an index of those on this site and recorded as buried in Cloonmorris click here or at the end of this page. Note that adding burial records to the site is work in progress.