April 2022

April 2022 Update

The April 2022 sees a number of changes to the layout and content of the Your Leitrim Ancestors site. These are mostly consist of new 'background' content, with one significant data change.

Surname Variants - New Menu Item

 The image above shows a new button added to the Main Menu. This leads to a set of pages dedicated to exploring some of the surname variants encountered in this research. The listing contains a selection of surnames and is not intended to be definitive for all of Ireland or all of Leitrim, or even for all of the names found in the areas within the scope of the project. Click here to view this addition.

Changes to the Notes on the Data section

The Notes on the Data section has been simplified. It now includes just 4 items:

  1. Numbers
  2. People Included
  3. People Included
  4. Places

All other items have been moved to a new Glossary and Help section which is outlined later. The Places option is described next.

New Places Option

As already said, the Places option is found in the Notes on the Data section on the left side of the screen. Selecting it will present the following screen:

Selecting the 1st, 2nd or 4th options will bring the viewer to details previously on the site and are not further dealt with here.

The 3rd Option will bring the viewer a set of new pages. These provide listings of the townlands contained within the boundaries of the 6 areas within the scope of this research, i.e. Aghavas, Annaduff, Bornacoola, Cloone, Gortletteragh and Mohill.

There is an introductory page that provides some background data and includes links to some useful external sources. At the end of that page are 7 links to various listings; the first to an overall listing of all in-scope townlands, the remainder 6 links provide individual area definitions.

New Glossary and Help Section

Much of the data that was previously found in the Notes on the Data section has been moved to a new Glossary and Help section. Additionally some data that was previously found under the Background... option, specifically relating to Sources, has also been moved to the new section.

The Glossary and Help option will be found on the sidebar on the left of the screen:

Selecting the Glossary and Help option presents the following screen:

As can be seen, the topics are presented in a series of pages that are accessed from this screen. Selecting "A" for instance will show a screen offering information on "Age at Death", "Associated Leitrim Parish" and "Assumed Marriages". Selecting one of these will reveal the information relevant to the topic.

There is no search facility provided so anyone using the site will have to 'guess' how I may have indexed the topic of interest and choose the relevant Index letter. The help is not yet comprehensive and more topics will be added over time.

Correction - Gubadorris and Gubadruish Townlands

While finalising the Place pages mentioned above, I discovered the existence in Mohill parish of a townland named Gubadruish. When in earlier research I encountered a few records regarding events that had occurred in Gubadruish I had foolishly assumed this to be a variant spelling of Gubadorris, a townland in Gortletteragh. A re-check of my Gubadorris entries revealed that a few events had been assigned there that should have been noted as occurring in Gubadruish. The names of the people affected are: Hargaden, Catherine  (1880 - before 1954); Hargaden, James  (circa 1848 - 1890); Hargaden, Patrick  (1879 - ); McKiernan, Andrew  (circa 1847 - 1872); McKiernan, Elizabeth  (1871 - ); McKiernan, James  (1870 - ); and McKiernan, Mary Anne  (1869 - 1907). To see links to these people select the Places Index page and then do a find in your browser for Gubadruish.