This page summarises the numbers of people covered by this website.

The site is supported by a database from which people's details are taken to be placed online but only if these people are not alive. Data is placed online in stages, and presently the geographical areas of south Leitrim covered by the Catholic Parishes of Aghavas, Annaduff, Bornacoola and Cloone are all that appear. People online are those, known or assumed to be not alive, who have associations with these areas. Note, by the way, that numbers may fluctuate between updates as refinement of data continues.

  Not Living    Living   
  Details  AreaTotals  +/- Details  AreaTotals  +/-
Area Full Partial Full Partial
Aghavas 1355 179 1534 129 16 4 20 -2
Annaduff 1216 147 1363 11 46 23 69 1
Bornacoola 2896 198 3094 19 209 27 236 6
Cloone 840 126 966 2 11 1 12 0
All others 0 362 362 3 0 24 24 -1
Overall Totals 6307 1012     282 79    
Not Living Totals     7319 164        
Living Totals             361 4


The following may help make sense of the table above:

  • The area is either one of the four areas covered by the Catholic parishes mentioned or else anywhere else in the world (all others)
  • Details of Living Persons are not given on this website. The site includes a listing of all these people showing their names and countries of origin. See People Excluded.  More information can be supplied to anyone who emails
  • Full Details means that what is known of the person's details (parentage, lifespan, spouses, and children) are, in the case of Not Living persons, online, and in the case of Living persons, not online but on the underlying database
  • Partial Details means that while the person's known details may well include all of his/her parentage, lifespan, spouses, and children information, because he or she has not yet been covered, only some of this information is online in the case of Not Living Persons
  • +/- shows the difference in numbers compared to the previous update