January 2022

January 2022 Update

Somewhat belatedly Your Leitrim Ancestors wishes all those who follow the site A Happy and Healthy 2022.

The site’s first update of the year has been implemented. The changes made can be summarised as follows.

  • The numbers of people now listed on the site has increased by 260 to 19728. See New People Listed
  • Seven more new names have been added to the ‘offline’ people – these either are or may be living –see People Excluded
  • The number of people for whom research is considered Complete has increased by 603. This is as a result of revisiting many of those previously marked as Deferred.
  • After the December update there were 788 people marked as Partially Complete. Now there are 269 marked as Incomplete and 176 marked Deferred. This represents a decrease of 343. See People Added but Deferred

All of these numbers can be seen broken down by area on the Numbers page.

Background to Latest Update

Some time ago I realised I needed to stop adding people and start consolidating data in order to prepare for various future planned actions, such as publishing articles and a book (or books) on the subjects of this project. I trawled through the data and added people that seemed they should fit, and also added a number thanks to data received from various users of the site. As numbers continued to grow I decided that I would mark virtually all new names as ‘Deferred’. But that left up on 1,000 people with varying amounts of often imprecise data.

I then took the decision that I would try to determine all my usual data (see Status Research Notes) on everybody noted as Deferred with one difference – I would not attempt to include other than as notes all of their children.

Incomplete Status

This is where the Incomplete Status comes in. Where the only outstanding research step on a person is the identification and inclusion of his or her children, the research status is set to Incomplete. On the underlying database, but not online, a note is made that the person has had at least X number of children. Obviously a quick check has to be made to determine a value for this X, and if the number seems to be 2 or less, then in general these children have been included and so the person’s research status will not show Incomplete.

Deferred Status

Deferred status is now reserved for those people that there is a genuine need to revisit at some point. Perhaps there are discrepancies in the data, or he/she is part of a family that deserves more study. In any event, the numbers are now significantly reduced.

Next Steps

To all intents and purposes the gathering of new people and the digging for data is complete. No doubt there will be a few more additions to the database, but they will be few in number.

Work continues slowly on wading through marriage records to identify witnesses but the more significant next step is to revisit the grading of people into the different parish areas. This is likely to take some time. The effect will change the ‘Leitrim Parish’ of many of those on the database, but otherwise will not affect the data shown or held on them.